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This Guerrilla Snorre is a licensed Sig Sauer SP2022 replica. It has a 21 round drop-down magazine that comes standard with a speed-loader funnel system which makes it quick to load your CO2 pistol. Its static metal slide offsets the light weight of the plastic frame and along with the full metal magazine, creates a more realistic feel to the gun, the sort of weight accuracy limited to other pistols in the R1500+ range. Its non-blowback function allows more shots per 12g CO2 cartridge. This pistol has been tested to reach muzzle velocities of up to 425 FPS, 75 FPS higher than the manufacturer’s claim.

The comfortable grip and a weaver rail for underbarrel pistol optics is a great finish to this pistol that, we would say, is unrivaled among others of its pedigree.

  • Good Budget grade gas pistol
  • Non-Blowback.
  • Operated by a 12G Co2 Cartridge.
  • Steel BB 4.5mm (.177)
  • Semi Automatic
  • Double action only
  • Fixed Sights, white dot on front sight
  • Length: 186mm
  • Weight: 600g
  • Muzzle energy: 1.75j
  • Metal Slide
  • 23 Round drop-down metal magazine